Bio and Credits

Mario Telaro is a session drummer based out of Montreal, QC. 

Mario is available for live and studio work as well as remote drum recording at his studio, The Ready Room. He is also available for lessons. Mario endorses Tama Drums, Dream Cymbals and Los Cabos Drumsticks. 

Mario is best known for his live and studio work with a variety of artists including:
Bobby Bazini | Kevin Bazinet | Celine Dion | Ima | Mario Pelchat | Marc Dupre | Jean-Marc Couture | Patrick Lehman | Garou | The Damn Truth (double drumming with Dave Traina) | Annie Villeneuve | Marie-Chantal Toupin | Matt Laurent | Philippe Berghella | Audrey Gagnon | Audrey De Montigny | Chris Giannini | Jessica Loren

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